Tales of Fantasy, Our Myths and Legends

21 November 2020 to 16 May 2021

Immerse yourself in a fantastical universe, through folktales from Quebec, Canada and Aboriginal peoples. Climb aboard a flying canoe, look for wolf-man or werewolf. Dance with the Devil… in short, leave everyday reality behind, to explore a country right out of the storytellers’ imagination. Although they have long served to explain the big mysteries of life and natural phenomena, folktales are only the tales of our grandmothers.

See how this traditional art has evolved to take on very modern forms. Younger visitors are invited by Aboriginal spirits to invent their own story. Who? Why? When? Where? All the legends have characters and intriguing plot lines that appear at precise moments and locations. The imagination can take us right away…

*As this exhibition is very interactive, gloves will be provided to visitors so that they can touch and manipulate the different elements of the exhibition.*

An award-winning “Cultural Initiative” of the Prix Arts Excellence de Culture Mauricie exhibit.

The exhibition “Tales of Fantasy, Our Myths and Legends ” was produced by the Corporation culturelle de Shawinigan with the collaboration of the Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke. This project was carried out with the help of the Ministry of Canadian Heritage, Museum Assistance Program, the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications and the City of Shawinigan.

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