Nicoló Filippo Rosso – Exodus

7 to 30 October 2022


In Latin America, lack of job opportunities, limited access to education, and political corruption have persisted for generations, fueling cycles of violence and displacement that are both symptoms and causes of disrupted societies. I have documented this phenomenon for the past four years, traveling along migration routes from Venezuela to Colombia and from Central America to Mexico and the United States. Following migrants from different countries for such a long time, I have seen countless stories of loss and separation through the eyes of the most vulnerable: those who are born, grow and die on the move. As I documented migrants’ journeys, I kept in mind the diversity of reasons that push each population to emigrate. Still, I also understood how the political persecutions, the impunity and the problematic access to primary rights such as food and healthcare broadly affect Latin America’s societies, provoking mass migrations across the continent. Decades of civil war, endemic poverty or violence make it hard for migrants to find better conditions than those they are fleeing.

Nicoló Filippo Rosso

Nicoló Filippo Rosso (born in 1985) is an Italian documentary photographer living between South, Central, and North America. After graduating with a degree in Literature at the Università Degli Studi Di Torino in Italy, he moved to Latin America, living mainly in Colombia for the past ten years. Witnessing stories of trauma, inequality, and injustices that have shattered the region for generations, he chose to tell stories of abandoned communities, mass migration crises, conflict and climate change. Since 2018, he has documented the migration movements across the continent for his project Exodus.

Exhibition presented within the framework of the Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay.

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