Jacques Graf-The inhabitants – second part

6 October 2023 to 31 March 2024

Jacques Graf

The inhabitants – second part
Here is the continuation of his project which deals with rurality in Ségala Lotois, France.

Recently settled or historical residents of Ségala Lotois, an isolated rural territory in central France, this series of portraits symbolizes the renewed interest of the French population for a better quality of life. For this, the new arrivals have left the cities and the traditional inhabitants take care of their heritage and their culture.

I have since met and discovered these Inhabitants, new and traditional, and asked them to pose in an evocative place chosen by themselves. So with them I crossed the spring, from Combret to Mespouillé, up the paths towards Comiac, Candes, Calviac, in the moors and heaths, from morning to dusk.

To best connect the characters to the territory, to these portraits, I added an illuminating landscape that resonates with their personality by completing the final aesthetic proposal.

This second part, carried out in spring 2023, will be completed to form a whole covering the four seasons of the inhabitants of Ségala.


Begins in 1984 by photographing every Friday evening the set of the cult show “Apostrophes” in Paris. Published in 2019 by Nuit Noire under the title “Apostrophés”. From 1994 to 2007, photographer at Madame Figaro and Agence Editing. In 2008, joined FEDEPHOTO, a self-managed association of photographers. In 2012, participated in the creation of Divergence-Images, of which he was the President until 2017. He divides his time between commissions for the press and for companies. His personal works are visible in festivals and exhibitions (Printemps Photographique de Pomerol 2016, Vannes photo 2019, Arles 2019, MAP Toulouse 2020, Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay 2022).

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