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Réserve du MuséeCredit : Caroline BlackburnLooking for More!

La Pulperie de Chicoutimi collection numbers more than 26,000 items ans artworks. Guided tours of the Reserve are available to small groups upon reservation only. Call 418-698-3100, ext. 1300 for information.

La main à la pâte
Project illustration
Shoulders to the wheel

Open since June 2009

Rediscover the epic Chicoutimi Pulp Company at the beginning of the last century, in an exhibition completely renewed. Through multimedia and interactivity, relive the socio-economic context and contact with these men who erected true industrial cathedrals.

Produced by La Pulperie de Chicoutimi / Regional Museum in collaboration with SOAZ

Deaf Foundation of Quebec with funding from the Ministry of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women has adapted this exhibition LSQ. Since 1 July 2010, with the help of an iPod, you can freely visit the exhibition and understand all the information presented.

pierre_t 14 janv.2012 13 30 30 1Arthur Villeneuve Far from naïve!


La Pulperie de Chicoutimi / Regional Museum presents the new permanent exhibit Arthur Villeneuve Far from naïve!

This exhibition, which required an investment of more than $ 700,000, traces the career of the painter Arthur Villeneuve and makes ​​a return on several events of his life. Without any artistic training, Arthur Villeneuve has carved an important place in the Quebec art scene with a raw talent, a personal style and amazing imagination. Curious by nature and gifted with a good sense of observation, he made provision of perspectives, topics and images as sources of inspiration. He took many liberties in the representation of natural and urban landscapes, but he also mixed ages. He painted what he felt, first and foremost. His career was marked by a production of nearly 4000 paintings and 2000 drawings.

To make room for this new exhibit, the Arthur-Villeneuve Display has been completely revamped. The painter's house is still the centerpiece, but many elements were added including several interactive stations. It contains several paintings of the artist, a projection of the sky above the house, a station where you can hear audio excerpts from interviews conducted by Radio-Canada and a virtual tour of the second floor of the house as well as two touch screens that will allow visitors to try out the video game that was produced as part of the exhibit.

Here is the trailer for this video game :


fresque 1 5x7 1L'arbre de nos appartenances
(Free in the Hall of the Museum) 

The realization of L'arbre de nos appartenances is in the program celebrating the 175th anniversary of the region. Coordinated by the program of cultural mediation Éveille ma culture of the City of Saguenay, in collaboration with the mosaic artist Myriam Morin, initiator of this work, as well as le Réseau Biblio du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and La Pulperie Chicoutimi/Regional Museum, the art project has become a magnificent collective creation: a mosaic mural of 12m2 on the history, roots and membership in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean .

 Nearly 300 participants from 35 organizations across the region, accompanied the artist Myriam Morin in his creative process. Each group made a part of the mural, mosaic reproducing a representative or historical identity element of its locality and region . The trunk symbolizes the regional territory. Its roots are our history, our past, our heritage. The leaves show the people belonging to their territory, values, hopes, elements of their history and their life in the region they wish to perpetuate, transmit and keep them alive. The entire mosaic is composed of many cells as groups of participants, from the most ancient communities like the latest : First Nations, founding towns , people of all ages and backgrounds . The mural was donated to La Pulperie de Chicoutimi/Regional Museum, where it is exposed and will be kept in its permanent collection.

Until water is deep
Permanent Exhibit

Get immersed in the fascinating history of the Chicoutimi trading post with this interactive historical and archaeological exhibition. Regional history being closely tied to its geographical setting, the main focus of the exhibition is to reveal that history through the lens of the Chicoutimi trading post historic site, both inside the museum, in the exhibition hall, and outside, at the actual site of the Chicoutimi trading post.

Since the 2002 summer, many exhibits of art and ethnology are presented at La Pulperie de Chicoutimi. Using the latest techniques in presentations, they tell the story and the challenges of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, commenting on the frescoes of the house of  painter Arthur Villeneuve and address several issues that will surely fascinate you!

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